Per MacRumors, the CEO of McGraw-Hill has let a few interesting factoids slip about the new Apple tablet, starting at about 2:50 in the video below the jump. Here is the transcript:

Yeah, Very exciting. Yes, they’ll make their announcement tomorrow (Wednesday) on this one. We have worked with Apple for quite a while. And the Tablet is going to be based on the iPhone operating system and so it will be transferable. So what you are going to be able to do now—we have a consortium of e-books. And we have 95% of all our materials that are in e-book format on that one. So now with the tablet you’re going to open up the higher education market, the professional market. The tablet is going to be just really terrific.

Does this mean that students who only have iPhones or iPod Touches can also snag the textbooks for their devices? And will they be reasonably priced? It will be interesting to find out.

And as a reminder, there are plenty of sites planning to liveblog the event starting tomorrow at 10 a.m. Pacific (1 p.m. Eastern). I will probably follow Ars Technica’s.

(Time stamp changed from earlier so this item is higher in the blog. – D.R.)

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McGraw-Hill CEO: Apple tablet iPhone OS-powered, will have 95% of McGraw-Hill e-textbooks available
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