Ok, I admit it, I have not been adding new material for a while! The key reason is that I’ve been dedicating quite a lot of time in researching tools which a new startup could leverage on. And yes, if you wonder, there are zillion of tools to look into, but very few which are worth looking at!

Many ‘old-school’ business mentors may say that all you need is a website and an email address, but they don’t seem to realise that traditional business models and marketing tools are threatened by the speed in which new ones are created.

Another problem is that traditional marketing is way more expensive than any small business venture would be willing to pay, especially in recession time!

For these reasons I have decided to put together a few ‘business’ posts, shifting away from my focus on more educationally-oriented research. I am pretty sure that loosely documenting my journey into business venture with the launch of a new startup sparklanguages.com will be interesting not only to me.

So, in the next few weeks I will look with a critical eye and tiny budget into what tools and IT infrastructure is necessary, useful or desirable to help the growth of a new startup and bringing in content on things like CRMs, ticketing, live support, e-commerce, shopping carts,  integration and open access and many more with the hope that some of this content will be useful to folks facing the same problems…

ehrm, maybe starting with some definitions instead of a list of tech-terms would useful? Ok, that my next step.

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the rise of little entrepreneurs
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