Working in the academia leads to more or less constantly read about stuff in your area of research. However, I always tended to read  broadly and get interested in obscure stuff or material at the fringes, in between disciplines.

In the last few years, however, it became more and more constrictive to travel, especially flying, because carrier reduced allowances and bags, making it more and more difficult to carry around more than one or two books.

Not too long ago I was gifted with a Sony reader and I was delighted about the fact that all e-books and files stored in my computer hard drive suddenly became portable in a little device, without depending on the short battery life of a laptop and without suffering the strain of long hours in front of a glowing screen.

As I like using devices for what they were not designed to to, I also looked quite rapidly in how to hack into the thing and explore the full potential of the reader. Quickly I came across Sygil and Calibre and after some studying I fell in love with Calibre, which allowed me to compile and make easily accessible a daily edition of some italian newspapers which I didn’t have the opportunity to read for years from the UK.

This section is entirely about e-reading, e-books and e-publishing and I hope you will find useful material, starting from my new “Daily Calibre recipe”.

So here is a quick access to some categories:

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